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CLAM 2000

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The CLAM-2000 fully automated sample preparation module for LCMS is based on the extensive blood coagulation analyzer technology that Shimadzu has cultivated over many years. Simply place blood collection or other tubes in position and the system fully automates everything from pretreating blood or other samples for analysis to LCMS analysis. Consequently, the system is able to minimize human error and variability in sample pretreatment procedures. Therefore, it helps achieve a high-precision workflow for clinical research that is safer, faster, and simpler.

Seamless Integration of Sample Preparation and LC-MS/MS Analysis.

  • Simply place the blood collection tubes to be analyzed, necessary reagents, and specialized pretreatment vials into the CLAM-2000 which then performs all processes automatically.
  • Each sample is processed successively in parallel, to optimize instrument usage and sample throughput.
  • The CLAM-2000 frees up time spent by laboratory staff performing tedious sample preparation steps, thus increasing laboratory efficiency.

Thorough Precision Control of Analytical Results.

  • Easy to access software controlled management of reagents, calibration curves, control samples, and system maintenance ensures system performance and reliability.
  • Easy to interpret charts and figures alert users to decreasing reagent volumes or variable QC sample results.

Reduces Operator Errors and Enhances Laboratory Safety During Procedures.

  • Eliminates manual operations involving biological samples, such as dispensing. Not only does this improve reproducibility of data, but it minimizes user contact with biohazardous material.
  • Potentially infectious waste products are kept isolated inside the system. This allows such waste to be disposed of after the analysis is finished, according to the procedures specified for that laboratory.

Perform All Processes from Collection of Samples in the Blood Collection Tubes to Sample Pretreatment and Analysis Automatically

User-Friendly Experimental Design and Execution

Depending on the samples being analyzed, operations involve two simple steps – placing the blood collection tubes and reagents in the system and then requesting the desired sample analyses in the software. Using a liquid crystal touch panel display, the CLAM-2000 interface was designed to make LCMS sample preparation and analysis accessible to all users, regardless of the level of experience. The CLAM-2000 offers a next-generation workflow for routine LC-MS/MS analysis that helps ensure reliable and rapid operations.

Advanced options for displaying, reporting, and managing data results can be easily accessed through the CLAM-2000 software by linking to LabSolutions.
Note: An optional LCD screen can be installed for monitoring LCMS analysis.

Precise Control of Analytical Results

Improves Accuracy and Reproducibility of Analytical Data

Sample batches are easily created through a barcode reader or by direct entry to facilitate sample analysis. CLAM-2000 software ensures reliable results and continuous operation by tracking solvent levels, calibration curves, QC samples and instrument parameters. These measures help to ensure a routine analysis workflow that continues to provide high-quality results.

The Benefits of CLAM-2000 Automation on LC-MS/MS Workflows

Seamless Automation

The CLAM-2000 not only automates common steps in LC-MS/MS sample preparation protocols, but it delivers the sample to the LC autosampler for injection. Most often, sample preparation involves protein precipitation and derivatization and the CLAM-2000 provides all of the functions required to execute these critical steps.

Reduces Operator Errors

Once the samples and the filtration/collection vials are loaded into the sample carousel, users use a touch panel screen to queue the samples and order the methods. Once loaded, all steps are automatically performed including the LC-MS/MS analysis. Removing the operator from the process in effect removes operator error, thus increasing reproducibility.

Increased Laboratory Efficiency and Safety

Laboratory staff will no longer be tied to a bench, processing samples. Operators will simply need to load samples and reagents, create the batch and press start. Exposure to samples are minimized and all potentially hazardous waste is isolated inside the CLAM until it can be disposed of according to proper laboratory safety procedures.

CLAM-2000-LC-MS/MS Application Examples


This analysis flow is an example of a simultaneous multicomponent analysis of steroids in serum using a fully automated preparative LCMS analysis system consisting of a Nexera X2 Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, LCMS-8060 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, and CLAM-2000 fully automated sample preparation module for LCMS.

Pretreatment Conditions and Analysis Flow

Quantitative results of drug spiked into serum

r2QC samples concentration (ng/mL)Accuracy (%)%RSD (n=3)
 Aldosterone+0.03 – 1.140.9970.030.461.1496.5102.0102.
 Cortisol+1.51 –
 DHEAS+12.9 –
 Corticosterone+0.29 –
 11-Deoxycortisol+0.08 –
 Androstenedione+0.08 –
 Testosterone+0.03 –
 17-OHP+0.12 –
 DHEA+0.31 –
 Progesterone+0.12 –
 Aldosterone (neg)0.03 –
 DHEAS (neg)12.9 –

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