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  admin   Feb 14, 2016     Commenti disabilitati su TOX.I.S.
HPLC/PDA Solution for identification of drugs in body fluids

Toxicological analysis of body fluids is an important task whenever acute intoxications, abuse of drugs, or consumption of illicit drugs needs to be identified. Those analyses always require a lot of effort as a most universal sample pretreatment and identification method are called and has to be done as much as possible

automated and fast. Prominence HPLC system with photodiodearray detection configured in a special solution system offer an identification based on retention time and the UV spectra of the component which is sufficient in most cases where toxic relevant concentrations are detected.

The system is based on common hardware modules using a special column switching procedure to enable sample pretreatment for serum and urine samples with a cleaning and rinsing step, transfer the sample onto the analytical columns and separation. Column selection valves for the analytical columns make it

possible to use the system also for other methods such as therapeutic drug monitoring. Detection and Identification are done with photodiodearray detector and library search and matches with UV spectra libraries.


·         Based on prominence hardware modules and LabSolutions software

·         Simple sample preparation

·         Patented column switching and online extraction procedure

·         Automated identification based on UV spectra and relative retention time

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